Travis Scott became a father recently but Kylie fans are not happy as he not acting as a responsible one. The rapper has gotten himself in trouble with Kylie fans once again. Unfortunately, this time they are asking Kylie to break up with him.

This all started after Travis was spotted out until the early morning hours with friends and a Kim Kardashian look alike after the Super Bowl on Sunday. This came two weeks after Kylie gave birth to their second child. Naturally, fans were not happy and took to Reddit to blast the rapper for disrespecting Kylie.

“This definitely says ‘I love and appreciate my brand new son and respect the woman who birthed him,'” one reddit user wrote sarcastically. “Yep, and according to the deep dive, this is what he did after Stormi was born too (partied with another woman),” a second recalled.

A third fan agreed by saying, “Yep. I think he thinks bonding doesn’t matter.” “Right! Like he’s also a new parent here, he should be home with his kid,” remarked another user. “Is anyone surprised?” one admitted, while a final snarked: “Idkwtf Kylie sees in him. They all have the absolute WORST taste in men, horrible.”


Travis took time off his daddy chores but went little overboard with it. However, it looks like Kylie’s angry fans will only settle for a breakup right now. Hopefully, Kylie doesn’t think the same.

Anushmitta Dutta

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