Kanye West may never get the opportunity to lay a finger on his ex-wife’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. The reason being to the actor’s latest efforts to beef up his personal security team. However when it comes to lesser known commodities such as Bfb Da Packman, Ye’s reach appears to be limitless.

Kanye West has been active on Instagram in February excessively. It is due to messages aimed at his estranged wife Kim Kardashian and her current partner Pete Davidson. He also shared a bunch of memes he’s found online in the process.

Michigan rapper Bfb Da Packman decided to make the most of the opportunity by allegedly hopping into Kanye’s DMs with a “deez nuts” joke. He pretended to have inside info on Pete Davidson, also refer by Kanye as Skete. After that the exchange that ensued between the two rappers didn’t last very long.

“Ye! I heard dee had some info on Skete” Bfb Da Packman began the exchange. Kanye apparently replied “who’s dee ? please give me his @”. “Deez nuts” Packman responded, before Kanye said, “find god.”


On Tuesday February 15th Bfb Da Packman revealed his Instagram account had been deleted. He blamed Kanye West for getting it taken down after the whole thing went viral. “The POWER OF KANYE @kanyewest” he wrote. “He had my shit deleted after I posted this yesterday”.

It seems like Bfb Da Packman bit off a little more than he could chew.

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