Kanye West isn’t making many friends right now. Azealia Banks is also not really in Camp Ye anymore and this stems from some nasty things that she said about Julia Fox, West’s recent ex.

The explosive fight between Azealia Banks and Julia Fox continues. Azealia now sets her sights on Kanye West. Banks alleges that West owes her a check.

On February 15th Banks went after Fox while dubbing her an escort. She targeted the actress’s son by calling him a crack baby. This caused Fox to retaliate. Soon after that happened the women were sharing screenshots of private conversations. In the conversation they were asking one another for favors. That included Banks allegedly questioning Fox about her drug connections.

It was during this time that many found out that Fox was a recovering addict. Banks even uploaded a photo of what looked to be Fox injecting herself with a needle. The vicious tit for tat took over social media platforms for hours and today Banks returned with a few words for West.


“Run me my f*ckin’ money! You out here giving my phone number out to people that I don’t f*ckin’ know, they hit me up on my f*ckin’ phone” she said in the video she dropped in her story. She continues “Everything but my f*ckin’ money. You play too much”. “There’s other b*tches that think it’s cute but I really don’t think it’s cute. I think it’s kinda homo.”

She added that at the base of the conflict is this debt that West allegedly owes her. “I don’t give a f*ck about Julia Fox” said Banks. This all keeps evolving in ways that no one could have expected.

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