Channing Tatum gained popularity after his breakthrough role in the 2006 dance film Step Up. He stayed in the limelight and kept making headlines. However, recently he has revealed his cryptic new ink – ‘L333.’

On Wednesday, the Alabama-born 41-year-old – who has over 45.6M social media followers unveiled his new enigmatic tattoo ‘L333′, which he called “basically a prison tattoo’. His fitness trainer buddy Trey Allen also got his matching tattoo of ‘N853’ above his left knee.

Channing also put a story on his Instagram handle, a picture of his Dutch Shepard called Rook, whom he adopted in 2020, with the caption ‘My killer cutie.’ Tatum adopted Rook two years after the death of his Pit Bull/Catahoula blend Lulu, who loosely inspired his new film Dog.

Channing said to People on Wednesday, “Lulu was my little shadow. She was everything. She was my best friend.” “She got cancer and she gave up a good fight. I kept her in the fight for way too long. I do regret that. Towards the end, I took her on a little road trip to Big Sur and we camped and watched the sun come up. It was everything that you probably imagined it to be. She almost passed away the next day. You never want to lose them.”


The character of Lulu, who is loosely inspired by Tatum’s beloved pitbull-Catahoula mix of the same name who passed away in 2018, will be played by three different Belgian Malinois dogs — Lana, Britta, and Zuza. Dog also features Q’orianka Kilcher, Jane Adams, and three different Belgian Malinois.

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Smita Singha Roy

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