Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry and back together, kinda maybe. Javi enlisted in the Air Force when he was dating Kailyn Lowry. Since then, Javi Marroquin has served the country for 7 years, he is now commemorating his re-enlistment.

Following Javi’s foot steps, who recruits for reserves, Kailyn revealed her ambitious weight loss goals to join the US Air Force. This was back in 2020. “My goal right now is to drop 50 pounds and join the Air Force Reserves,” Kailyn mentioned in her Coffee Convos podcast.

It seems like Kailyn’s plan didn’t work out (yet). However, her beau, Javi Marroquin reached another landmark in his journey. He has been re-enlisted to serve another 6 years in the US Airforce. Marroquin posted a video of him being re-enlisted and taking the oath.

Another 6 years ahead serving in the United States Air Force! What a career it has been and I’m truly blessed.” Javi captioned. “Major Rogers has been one of my mentors since 2013 and truly special having her do my re-enlistment” He added. Kailyn Lowry commented: So proud of you! Congratulations 🎉.


According to the US Airforce website, Airmen and Guardians may be considered for reenlistment or extension if they meet eligibility requirements. They need to have have qualities essential for continued service, and can perform duty in a career field in which the Department has a specific need. Javi was earlier reported to be Technical sergeant, or “TSgt” in informal parlance, which is the sixth enlisted rank (pay grade E-6) in the U.S. Air Force, just above staff sergeant and below master sergeant.

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