Steph Curry is, without a doubt, the best shooter in NBA history. He currently holds a record of most three-pointers ever made, and the numbers continue to grow. One can easily expect him to make over 400 three-pointers a season combining the regular season and the NBA-playoffs.

That being said, Curry’s unique playstyle is found in distaste by some. With the belief that the three-pointer era has ruined the game as players are taking worse shots than before.

On a recent episode of Knuckleheads podcast, Curry addressed these critics. He pointed out that he never told anyone to shoot a certain way, and it’s not his problem if some people are shooting above their capabilities.

I’m gonna use this moment to get on my soapbox,”


“Stop tagging me in all these horrible basketball clips of people taking bad shots telling me I ruined the game. I did not tell y’all to shoot that shot. I did not say, ‘Shoot that shot.'”

Curry does make sense here. It’s not like he ever forced anyone to play like him. People that play like him do so with their own volition. Curry has been an iconic player and already has multiple records under his name, only being 33 years of age.

Check out the clip from the said podcast below

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Bhupen Dange

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