Rosario Dawson first met Cory Booker back in December 2018, and it took a couple of years to make their relationship official. Their relationship had been going smooth over 2 years now, but they finally called it quit.

A source close to the New Jersey lawmaker confirmed to People the former couple aren’t dating anymore. The two are still friends even though they are not together. Dawson and Booker first crossed paths at a political fundraiser for a mutual friend in summer 2018.

The two were seeing each other after they were spotted catching a movie together in 2019. A couple of months later, Rosario confirmed their relationship. The couple moved in together in June 2020.

“I mean, gosh, that night we talked for hours and hours” Booker told The Washington Post in 2019. “I had trouble asking for her phone number, I think I said something really stupid like ‘Uh how would I get in touch with you?’ and she mercifully said something like ‘Oh you want my phone number?’ And my insides were like Hell yeah!” Dawson told she found Booker to be so charming, confident and capable all despite their initial slow start.


A couple that includes a U.S. senator and former presidential candidate and an actress who’s also an activist must be able to juggle two busy schedules and frequent time apart. They said they remedied that with weekly meet-ups, FaceTime calls and romantic gestures like Booker’s habit of reading to her on the phone and sending Dawson music. They eventually goes their separate ways now.

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