Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a terrific connection, but their marriage fell apart, and their relationship is clearly strained. In any case, this ex-couple is always in the news. Recently, Kanye West leaked text messages with Kim Kardashian.

This weekend, Kanye West’s unwavering loathing for Pete Davidson was unlike anything fans have ever seen from the superstar. Kanye has always been a dweeb and a dork on social media, but this weekend was extremely insane when he dubbed Davidson “Skete” and branded him a dweeb and a geek. It was an amusing spectacle on many levels, albeit a peculiar one that alarmed some admirers.

Kanye went into damage control mode today, delivering Kim a truckload of roses for Valentine’s Day. It was a beautiful gesture, and it’s evident that Kanye is still smitten with Kim. Unfortunately for Kanye, Kim does not appear to be willing to accept him back. Kim in fact requested him to take a step back.

Kim advised Kanye to chill with the posts because he is creating a situation that could lead to Pete getting hurt, according to some leaked texts posted by Kanye himself. Kim stated that if he is wounded, it will be Kanye’s fault, and she wants it to stop right now.

That’s when Kanye decided to share a screenshot from Baby Boy, in which Tyrese is choked out. Kanye has stated that he will tackle the situation personally, however, he has not specified how he intends to do it.


Fans are understandably concerned about Kanye’s mental state at the moment. To see further controversies relating to Kanye West, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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