Super Bowl LVI saw the Los Angeles Rams put together a game to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. The Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow didn’t have a sad night despite losing one of the biggest games of his life. Joe got to get on stage with Kid Cudi, his childhood idol.

After losing the game, Joe went on the stage with Kid Cudi, and as seen in the video, he appears to be enjoying the moment. Kid was performing at the after-party. Where Joe can be spotted in the background of the stage surrounded by packed crowd.

Kid Cudi was performing wearing Joe Burrow Jersey, that he sent the rapper after winning the game against the Chiefs to advance for Super Bowl a few weeks ago. Over the course of time, Burrow and Kid Cudi have grown closer, with the rapper shouting him out back then for winning against the Chiefs.

Kid Cudi even congratulated Burrow when when Bengals selected Joe as their first round pick. “Congratulations on being the number 1 draft pick,” Cudi said at the time. “That’s wild. That’s crazy. You on your way. You just gettin started brother.”


The jersey that Burrow gifted Cudi was the same one he wore at the AFC championship game. It seems even though Joe couldn’t win the game, he indeed won the lottery when he got him on the same stage as his childhood idol.

Check out the clip of Burrow enjoying his night below.

credits to @SamNeher24 for the clip
Bhupen Dange

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