Wendy Williams has been on the news lately after being termed as someone who’s mentally incapable of making decisions. Now she has a thing or two to say for the person who has insulted her with the tag.

Williams filed an affidavit in New York Supreme Court in support of her attorney Celeste N. McCaw’s request for a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo. The financial adviser who had expressed concerns about her well-being was called a “disgruntled” former employee. Wendy came out to the court and made a full statement on the issue.

“This request for relief arises from, among other things, Wells Fargo’s failure and refusal to reopen my personal, business, deferred compensation and investment accounts and unfreeze my financial assets, which has caused and is causing imminent and irreparable financial harm to myself, my family and my business”

Wells Fargo said in court filings previously that it had decided to freeze Williams’ accounts. Financial adviser Lori Schiller alleged that she was “of unsound mind” and unable to maintain the account. Williams claimed in her affidavit that she had terminated Schiller after the incidents.


Williams has not hosted her daytime talk show since July 2021 due to ongoing health issues. The sworn statement was signed in front of a notary public as “Wendy Hunter,” using her former married name. The filing came one day after Wells Fargo’s attorney claimed in a letter to the case Judge that the bank was “concerned about the situation.”

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo denied Thursday “any allegations of improper actions with respect to Ms. Williams’ accounts”. Wendy has always wanted to solve the matter amicably but differences between both parties have left them stranded in court against each other.

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