Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules can’t and won’t stop slamming her ex-fiancé Randall Emmett. The author of Give Them Lala recently shared a poll on social media, prompting admirers to wonder if it was indirectly meant at Randall, whom she left after cheating claims surfaced late last year.

Lala is no stranger to controversy, and she enjoys stirring things up, even if her previous connection with Randall is long gone. In Vanderpump Rules season 9, Lala may not have had much to say about her own relationship, but she did have a lot to say about Scheana and Brock’s, which is exactly what Bravo and viewers expect from the reality star.

That is why Lala is getting paid so well. However, following her breakup from the movie producer in October 2021, the beauty mogul had a lot to say about her previous relationship and began slamming Randall whenever she got the chance. Lala recently posted a poll in her Instagram story.

If someone owes a lot of people a lot of money, [and] they go out and buy a brand new car, are they considered a fraud?


The Bravo Chicks managed to get ahold of the post before“Seems like this battle with Randall is never going to end,” the fan-page added in a caption. Fans are wondering if the poll was about Randall despite the fact that Lala didn’t tag anyone or mention him specifically.

Maybe the poll was meant for someone else, since Lala hired a private investigator to research deep on anyone who wants to be near to her, but many Vanderpump Rules’ followers commented with mixed feelings. Lala was burned by Randall, according to one user, and is now “lashing out,” adding, “As soon as she finds someone new she’ll stop!” It’s all part of the process.”

Lala is clearly still digesting her public breakup with Randall, and many experts believe that talking about – or in this instance, shading – the person who has harmed her would help her move on much faster. And the numbers don’t lie: 96 percent of her admirers believe whoever the message was directed at is a liar. With this knowledge, Lala may resume dating and leave Randall in the past.

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