Jenelle Evans never fails to stay in the spotlight. Redditors often drag her for her dance moves, teeth, search history and whatnot. Jenelle has surprised the audience this past month with her TikTok videos. Now she has decided to conquer the acting and Twitch realm.

Jenelle recently revealed that she has decided to become an actress. She seeks the support of her admirers for the newest venture but seems like fans are giving her a hard time instead. She also recently revealed that she is about to become a Twitch partner.

It seems like Jenelle is warming up for huge ventures this year. Just recently, one user published Jenelle’s recent makeup screenshot to kick off a Reddit discussion. Fans mercilessly roast her makeup skills and compare her look with the NightMan TV Series.

One fan also pointed out that Jenelle is getting ready with her makeup skills for Euphoria. The headline of the discussion read: Nightman, sneaky & mean, spider inside my dreams…


A Redditor said: “The other post with the straight on shot shows how uneven and f-cked up her eyeliner is LMAO! It’s about what I would expect from a 12 year old. Then the stupid gold glitter that she slopped beneath her eyes is just ridiculous.”

Another stated: “This is giving me “12yo girl going through an ancient Egypt phase” vibes. I love how bad she looks.”

A third person chimed in, saying: “It’s so funny how she desperately attempts these gen z trends when gen z hates everything she stands for lol.”

Another commentator pointed out: “All this because someone on Tik Tok told her she should be on Euphoria.”

Teen Mom fans also roasted Evans for trying to get a gig on Euphoria. The Reddit thread is attached below with this article along with the photo collage of Evans and NightMan from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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