Jackboy and Kodak Black have been beefing with each other since the summer of 2021. Dave had several confrontations both online and offline. Kodak Black even threatened Jackboy with a lawsuit many times.

It’s not even known why the two even started beefing. This might be one of those beers with started out of nothing in our own going for their own sake. Jackboy has had enough and he revealed his fans how he feels about it.

Jackboy said that he feels the beef is not real at all, as he’s able to be free both online as well as in malls and public places. He also had a peculiar complaint, saying that there’s a lack of ‘Gremlin’ energy.

I’m starting to feel like this sh*t fake as f*ck. I be safe as f*ck. I be seeing n***** down South. I be all in the malls and sh*t. Man, this sh*t fake as f*ck. Nobody be having no type of ‘Gremlin’ energy when they see a n*****. I’m starting to feel like this beef for views or some sh*t. This shit police as f*ck.


Jackboy accused Kodak Black of not being what he deems himself to be on social media. He claimed that Black was not a killer. He further emphasized by saying that Black is “a rapper, not a shooter.”

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