Dwayne Johnson is one of the world’s most popular celebrities. No one can deny that the Rock is one of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time. The big man has been having one of the best years of his life, with his films breaking box office records and his businesses booming with profits.

The megastar has recently achieved massive financial success. He is currently one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actors. Johnson has invested in a number of businesses, and he has done so when they were not financially grown, implying that he had to start from scratch.

His businesses, such as ZOA Energy and Project Rock, have been among his most successful, as have the megastar’s blockbuster films. His films continue to propel the film industry to new heights. Johnson has a huge net worth, which raises the question of whether he will become a billionaire soon.

Dwayne Johnson spoke with Fox Business. He reacted to the prospect of becoming a billionaire. He is already one of the world’s wealthiest celebrities.

“I consider myself an industrialist and an entrepreneur and a businessman as well. I love creating products and brands that have a certain quality to them to deliver to people. Honestly, I love building from scratch with these two old dinosaur hands” – Rock said.

It seems that the Great One isn’t letting his huge wealth get to him. If anything, he will just carry on with even more energy.

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