Jeezy’s career has been built on giving back to the community and paying it forward. Yes, Jeezy is a legend in the industry who has accrued triumphs that were grown in the studio, but he has also made it a point to give back whenever he can, and this was the case recently for a young man named Andre.

Jeezy revealed on Instagram that he met Andre by happenstance while travelling and realized that he was battling cancer. While travelling, Jeezy met the young king and his mother and even gave up his first-class ticket for them.

Meet Andre, he’s 11 and one of the bravest young Kings I know. I met Andre on my flight to Memphis. Overheard he was battling stage 3 cancer and was on his way to Memphis for treatment. Offered him my first class seat so he can go to treatment like the boss he is. In taking his seat, I spoke with his amazing and strong mother. She told me about how mighty of a fighter her son has been.

The rapper elaborated the story alongside several photos to his Instagram. Andre and his mother were invited to Jeezy’s concert. He pulled up like a boss. Let’s show Andre some appreciation.


Several rappers, actors, and artists praised Andre for his bravery in the face of cancer on Jeezy’s comments area. Take a look at Jeezy’s post down below.

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Gunjan Nath

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