Johnny Knoxville and the crew from Jackass: Forever appeared at the WWE Royal Rumble to promote their new prankster comedy. Johnny even had a mini-feud with Sami Zayn that resulted in his inclusion in the men’s Royal Rumble match. There was one Jackass star who wasn’t at the show even though he was planning to be there.

Steve-O is one of Jackass’ more controversial stars. After years of abusing himself, Steve has started to clean up his act. The Royal Rumble was a great opportunity to continue to promote his comeback.

In a recent vlog, Steve-O explained why he wasn’t at the Royal Rumble. On the day of the show, he tested positive for COVID-19. The insane stuntman was stuck in Saint Louis and had to miss the film’s premiere.

“Now, keep in mind, we’ve been getting tested for COVID every single day, no matter what we’re doing, and we’re always negative, until I show up at the Royal Rumble and they say I was positive. So now I gotta leave the Royal Rumble immediately and I’m stuck in St. Louis.

I can’t go into the airport. I can’t get on an airplane. So what do I do? I get my tour bus driver to come pick me up. We’re parked in a parking lot in Missouri. Turns out getting the bus wrapped with my face all over it drew some attention. So we drove all the way home to LA where the premiere is happening without me.”

Before the Royal Rumble, the Jackass crew got some face time with Brock Lesnar. The Best even put Wee Man through a table. Unfortunately, Steve-O wasn’t able to participate further. It sounds like he has recovered and is doing fine now.

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