Former NFL player Greg Robinson was arrested in Louisiana on Monday after being charged with felony possession off cocaine, crack cocaine and other substances with the intent to distribute. The offensive former player was also hit with other charges related to the possession of drugs.

The police searched Robinsons house to find marijuana crystal myth and cocaine, which is approximated at a total of $120,810. They also found ammunition and firearm magazines at the player’s house.

Thibodaux Police Department cops stop the 29 year old and pulled him over in standard traffic stop. However, K-9 search unit ended up suspecting illegal substances such as cocaine and others in his car.

The amount of drugs found in his apartment details to be over 3 kilos of crystal meth, 2.2 pounds of cocaine, nearly forty pounds of marijuana, four grams of crack cocaine, 227 doses of hydrocodone, forty eight doses of oxycodone and 18 doses of xanax.


Robinson was formally arrested on drug charges back in 2020 in Texas. The federal agents found 157 pounds of marijuana in a rented vehicle. Robinson was along with 2 other people riding the vehicle as the drugs were found.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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