After a recent resurface of sensitive video from Howard Stern television special where he wore blackface and used N-word multiple times. In 1993, he did a sketch satirizing an incident in which actor Ted Danson wore a blackface during a Friar’s Club roast of then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. It’s time to look back at his reaction to the video mentioned above.

This performance, which was taken from Stern’s New Year’s Eve special, resurfaced in June 2020 when Donald Trump Jr. retweeted out an article containing a video of the sketch, writing, “Yikes! NSFW: Howard Stern says N-word too many times during awful blackface impression that should have Libs yelling ‘CANCEL!'”

Soon after SiriusXM channel host, Stern addressed his dug up clip on his show. “The sh*t I did was f*cking crazy.” Howard said. “I’ll be the first to admit. I won’t go back and watch those old shows; it’s like, ‘Who is that guy?’ But that was my shtick, that’s what I did and I own it. I don’t think I got embraced by Nazi groups and hate groups. They seemed to think I was against them too. Everybody had a bone to pick with me,” he continued.

“Look, that was the show. I went into therapy and said, ‘What is this? Do I always have to be the guy pulling my pants down? Can I find a way to do the show where I can be a lot happier?’ Over the years, I did change the show. A lot of people who did like that humor, where I was completely pulling my pants off and doing it, those people are pissed off at me now. They think I’m a sellout and I’m not doing a good show anymore. I got soft.”

“I came to realize in therapy, if I’m going to be with my kids, and have a successful marriage, I can’t be insane completely 24 hours a day,” Stern, 66, said. “I have to figure out a better way to communicate. So I evolved and changed.”

Stern told the audience that he never goes back to his old stuff. “I cringe when I look at myself 30 and 40 years ago … and that was 27 years ago. When I look at that, I go, ‘Oh f—, I can’t stand it.'”

However, Stern did not apologize for the sketch itself. He pointed out that if he were to repeat the performance, he would not have used blackface.

Bhupen Dange

Bhupen is a freelance writer for Ringside News and Thirsty For News; he is pursuing further studies in Computer Science. Since high school, he has actively participated in athletic activities, and when he is not playing video games, he spends his time in the gym training, watching movies, and walking his dog outside.

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