Aside from her success in the rap game, Cardi B is also known for her beauty. However, it seems that something might be proving to be a hurdle in that department.

The rapper recently went live on Instagram to discuss how Atlanta’s water suppy have been wreaking havoc on her skin. It is quite common for most cities’ water supply to suffer during harsh winters, so there might be some truth to Cardi’s claim.

During her Instagram Live session, the rapper talked about how Atlanta’s water supply has damaged her skin, and that she has had to use loads of moisturizer to counter the effects of the water.

Let me tell you something, and I’m gonna say I was afraid to say it. But, I believe that there is something wrong with the water in Atlanta. Because, while I was in Atlanta, my face just started getting so dry and irritated. I kept putting moisturizer to the point that it started getting so irritated that I started putting Vaseline on, the old school way.


Cardi claims that even after leaving Atlanta, her skin problems have persisted. In addition, the rapper also asked her fans for recommendations for skin care products.

I left Atlanta a week ago, and my face is still so f**king dry and playing outside in the snow didn’t make it any f**king better. Do any of y’all have suggestions of what type of moisturizer I should wear? Because, bro, I feel like I’ve been trying everything. My face is so irritated, it just feels itchy and dry.

Dermatological issues can certainly take their toll on one. Here’s hoping that not only Cardi finds a solution, but so does the city of Atlanta.

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