Nicki Minaj is one of the hottest pop acts in the industry and enjoys a massive fan following. The rapper recently released her comeback single “Do We Have A Problem?” with Lil Baby. It was an instant hit with fans. Nicki hopped onto Instagram with Jayda Cheaves to celebrate her success as well as talk about some other things.

The rap icon’s first project of 2022 has received rave reviews from fans. Her latest release further intensified the anticipation for her forthcoming album as fans have been waiting for a long time for the music creator to drop new music.

In her recent, Instagram Live session Minaj shared how she stays motivated to continue making music despite the harsh criticism she faces at times. She said in her livestream, “I’ve always been the type of person that like, if I feel somebody—when people are betting against me, it makes me super, super hungry,” She added, “Or super angry. Super like… I got something to prove.”

Minaj also said that she knows she’s a great rapper and has great confidence in her skills, so when critics go after her talent for music creation, she questions how they can doubt her abilities.

“I’m always gonna keep on putting out music. I will never—and I said this before, I said this many times years ago—I will never leave the game until I wanna leave it. It will only be on my terms.” 

Minaj emphasized that she has “put in the work” and “deserves” every bit of the success she’s enjoying. Meanwhile, you can check out livestream below.

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