The sport of basketball is game with a lot of heated moments. Players often get down and dirty during games. Now, in an another bizarre incident, instead of the players the team coach lost his cool.

TMZ reported, chaos was unleashed on Saturday at the Sports Academy in Thousond Oaks, California. A youth basketball coach who overseeing the Cavs Youth Basketball’s 10U team grabbed a ref’s neck in a fit of rage. The coach snapped following a controversial call from the ref.

The founder of the Cavs’ org., Darryl McDonald told the outlet that the team’s coach was hit with two technical fouls which lead to a heated verbal exchange. After several back-and-forth between the coach and the refs, the youth coach lost his patience and put his hands around the ref’s neck.

McDonald said he was not at the venue at the time. However, immediately after the incident McDonald launched a thorough investigation to look into the matter. Video from the scene shows the coach with his hands around the ref for several seconds before another ref interrupted.


McDonald also said, soon after the incident he suspended his coach without a second’s delay. After a probe into the incident, McDonald ultimately fired the coach on Sunday. He issued a statement to the outlet.

“It was unfortunate, Our program has been around for over 30 years and before it even went viral, the coach was no longer part of our program. It’s completely unacceptable to behave that way in front of our youth. There’s no excuse, I don’t care what someone says to you. You have to find a better way to handle that particular situation.”

It’s still unclear as of now if any criminal charges are being pursued. Meanwhile, the coach has declined TMZ’s requests for a comment. We will be on the look out for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Shubham Banerjee

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