Khloe Kardashian was most recently trending on Twitter because of her weird “lizard” hands. After her hands went viral for their scary appearance in a post about “betrayal,” Khloé Kardashian fought back at a follower who accused her of hiding them.

Earlier this week, the co-founder of Good American released a new commercial on Instagram in which she appears topless in a pair of pants while concealing her hands behind her hair. A fan accused her of hiding her hands because they were dubbed as lizard hands in a viral photo last month.

One fan speculated that the posture was in response to the criticism Kardashian received last Thursday regarding her fingers’ skinny and pallid appearance. Fans continued to make jokes in the comments section despite Kardashian’s assertion that she wasn’t covering her hands.

“Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,” one fan chimed in, to which the reality star retorted, “lol never. My hands are beautiful baby.”


The 37-year-old former “Revenge Body” star didn’t erase the ad from her Instagram account, indicating that she stands by it. Instead, she moved on by demonstrating the before-and-after effects of her strenuous workouts.

“About 3 months apart,” Kardashian captioned the photo, which included a larger photo from September 2021 with a more recent shot of her much thinner but more sculpted body.

Khloe is gradually healing and it is obvious. The latter post provided the ideal opportunity for the former “Kocktails with Khloé” host to receive some well-deserved praise from her celebrity pals.

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