TruTV has a big hit on its hands with the reality cooking competition, Fast Foodies. The show features three chefs who attempt to re-create celebrities’ favorite fast food items. The series’ second season premiered on January 27, 2022.

The network recently gave fans a sneak peek at one of the upcoming celebrity judges. This time, it’s none other than former AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho. The All Elite Wrestling star requests a recreation of his favorite fast-food breakfast.

Jericho takes part in a zany physical challenge in the new exclusive clip. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah isn’t the only huge celebrity to have had a good time on the show. Nikki Glasser, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Joel McHale have all participated.

Jericho looked like he was having a blast on the show. In a game called “pancake batter-up,” Jericho has to toss pancakes into the mouths of the chefs before they are allowed to start cooking.


Chris struggled through a few attempts before he finally stuck two. There was controversy as one of the pancakes did not cleanly enter the hole. Jericho said that if his tongue touched the pancake, it should count.

The Chris Jericho episode of Fast Foodies airs on February 3, 2022, at 10 PM eastern on truTV. Jericho can also be seen every week on All Elite Wrestling, which airs Wednesdays on TBS and Friday nights on TNT. The legions of loyal Jerichoholics are looking forward to seeing how things go!

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Michael Perry

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