Baby Blue got himself in some serious trouble after the rapper got caught up in a PPP loan fraud case. The Pretty Ricky singer was recently sentenced to 20 months behind bars. Now, it appears he will turn himself over to Feds next week.

The rapper stands accused of defrauding millions of dollars from U.S government through the Paycheck Protection Program. Blue was one of several people named in an investigation where authorities reportedly discovered that millions of dollars in PPP loan funds where used to pay for luxurious personal items instead of helping those in dire need of funds during the pandemic.

Baby Blue initially faced several years behind bars. However, he took a plea deal after issuing a warning about PPP loans. Blue previously stated, the best way to stay safe from everything “going on surrounding these PPP Loans is just stay away from them,”

“Don’t discuss them with anyone. Don’t give anyone your information. Don’t attempt to do it yourself. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. You can repair your credit and get a conventional loan from your local bank. Don’t get caught up in this PPP thing because it’s not worth it.” 

Recently, he took to Instagram to drop off is new address for the next 20 months. He said in his post, he will be turning himself to the Feds on Monday, February 7th.

Diamond Blue Smith # 11322509
P.O. BOX 1027
(White Envelopes Only)

The rapper added in his caption, ’ll be right back & Yeah Ima write back.” Soon after he shared the news, friends and family flocked the comment section to leave some encouraging words for Baby Blue. You can check out his post below.

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