Vanessa Hudgens is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses at the moment. She got her start in show business by starring in Disney’s High School Musical series. Vanessa Hudgens has maintained a fairly consistent online presence.

Vanessa Hudgens44 million Instagram followers are feeling the heat by watching her in a green bikini. The 33-year-old actress promoted her Caliwater brand with new photos of herself on vacation in a bright turquoise bikini.

Vanessa is one of the co-founders of cactus water. The Princess Switch actress captioned her Instagram image, ‘@caliwater adventures.’

Vanessa reclined against a stone wall wearing a bright headscarf, white sunglasses, and a matching sarong in a few images. During their trip, the Boom star posed with her friends Vince Rossi and GG Magree on the white sand beaches.

Vanessa changed up her outfit by removing her hair scarf and replacing it with a turquoise bucket hat that complimented her swimsuit. While on a business trip, the High School Musical actress included a video to view. Vanessa captioned the whale video with a whale emoji.

“Look to the right of the boat.”

Vanessa, one of the co-founders, did an incredible photoshoot for the advertisement. Vanessa’s efforts are appreciated by the Caliwater company.

“After discussing their shared love for earth-friendly activism while enjoying a Prickly Pear Margarita, Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena launched Caliwater, California cactus water that goes beyond just hydration.”

Vanessa also teamed up with Madison Beer and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Avnee Shah, to build a smarter way for people to know their skin. 

Vanessa has inspired a lot of people. Her commitment to her career serves as an example to others. Vanessa did a sizzling photoshoot for the promotion. Did you like it? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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