Kodak Black never seems to get out of trouble. Days after stealing a pickled sausage from a gas station, Kodak’s kleptomaniac urges struck again. This time he stole a scratcher.

Recently, the rapper hopped on Instagram to let his 11.4 million followers know that he had stolen a pickled sausage while stopped at a gas station. Naturally, this resulted in some pretty serious clowning. However, it doesn’t seem the rapper is phased at all as he has done it again.

“SMH I Done Turnt Into A Thief Ouchea Lol,” wrote Kodak, holding a tiny back scratcher in his hands. Ironically enough, his flashy Gucci pants were also visible in the background. Kodak’s kleptomaniac urges are really getting out of hand.

“N*gga Jus Stole A Damn Back Scratcher Out Da Store. Guess I Still Got It Bih,” the rapper continued. “Keep It Up Ima Start Boosting Clothes Next.” On the next slide, Kodak’s driver can be seen taking advantage of the free toy, using it to scratch an itch on his back.

On April 28, 2021, Kodak pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree assault and battery and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. However, Kodak failed a drug test in mid-2021, which was a violation of his supervised release terms. The rapper was subsequently ordered by a judge to enter a rehabilitation center for 90 days and successfully completed it in December 2021.

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