Snoop Dogg is a veteran in the Hip-Hop world and is considered as a collective “Uncle” by many in the Hip-Hop community. This simply goes to show how universally loved and respected he truly is. Now it seems Snoop Dogg made a bold claim.

Snoop Dogg being a veteran, is certainly not afraid to show his appreciation and give the rub to newer rappers of the Hip-Hop world. He has done so on various occasions throughout his career.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in several countries all over the world. However, that has been proven wrong in various instances as social media has shown that it dictates what can be said and what cannot. Many have spoken out against cancel culture as well.

In a similar sense, cancel culture is now prevalent all over the world and has far-reaching consequences as anyone is at the risk of being cancelled for saying something that might be seen as offensive to others.


While speaking to Druski in his Behind The Vest Clubhouse room, Snoop Dogg talked about cancel culture and claimed that he will never get cancelled like DaBaby and Dave Chappelle.

“I wish a motherfucker would try to cancel me,” he said, adding that cancel culture only works “if you believe it when they tryna cancel you.

Cause you see DaBaby, you see David Chappelle,” he said. “You see certain motherfuckers, like, ‘If you don’t get out of here with that shit.’ Gimme a week n***a I’ll be back up, you know what I’m saying? You gotta believe it. You gotta know that your base is your base. You can’t—the cancel community is not bigger than my fan base. I beg to differ. Let’s match up n***a… Cancel community meet up. Line up. Cancel community, I need you n***as to line up.”

The advent of cancel culture certainly has affected many people and a lot of cases were based on false accusations and social media courts. Perhaps one day the ‘woke’ culture will subside.

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