LeBron James is the most recent athlete to invest in cryptocurrency. LeBron is the NBA’s face, and he is constantly striving to make huge moves on and off the court. He has aided a variety of people through his LeBron James Foundation’s “I Promise” program.

James is now gearing up to provide even more resources for those in need. The Staples Center was recently renamed Crypto.com Arena, as most of you are aware. The cryptocurrency business has been announcing a slew of new brand partnerships of late.

They’ll be delivering on at least one of them now that they’ve secured a new contract with LeBron James and his foundation. This partnership is more about the community than it is about LeBron, since the company will now provide instruction and tools to individuals interested in gaining Web3 knowledge.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world, and how we engage with one another. I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind.


It remains to be seen what type of impact this new deal will have, but as Web3 grows, Blockchain technology education will become increasingly vital. Leave your thoughts on the trade in the comments section below.

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