Tristan Thompson is currently dealing with the aftermath of the paternity scandal he was faced with. His own actions ultimately led to it, which is why he feels that it is time for him to grow up.

Thompson realizes that his relationship with Khloe Kardashian and family was completely jeopardized after it was revealed that he had a baby with another woman.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life that restaurant realizes this now. He knows that he’s disappointed Khloe, and he understands that there is nothing much to do at this point.

Tristan knows that Khloe is done with him for now. He feels that he’s disappointed her and her family, and he’s not sure if there’s anything left to be done at this point. As much as Tristan would love for Khloe to warm up to him, he has accepted that he made his bed and now he has to lie in it.


Thompson also is engaged with his basketball career at the moment. However, now that he’s out in the open with his infidelity, he knows that a lot of attention is on him, the source told Hollywood Life. The source also added that the basketball player is confused both for his career as well as his love life.

He knows he’s under incredible scrutiny right now and he would just like to lay low for a bit. Tristan is at a crossroads with his career and his love life. He doesn’t have a contract for next season, and he is still deciding what he is going to do on that front and if he would look for a new team or if he would just retire. He is still having those discussions with himself.

Khloe & Tristan have had a history of eventually coming back together after short separations. While this time might be different, Tristan is figuring out how to reach a stable position and then working his way up.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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