Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen formed one of the most feared one-two punches in the history of the National Basketball Association. The 1990’s Chicago Bulls were a force of nature. In the time since their incredible run of six championships, the two superstars have drifted far apart.

Scottie Pippen recently published his memoir. In the book, Pippen was extremely harsh on MJ. Scottie said Michael was selfish. Jordan was glorified while Pippen believes he didn’t receive any credit.

Former teammate Charles Oakley recently spoke to The Bill Simmons Podcast about the rocky relationship. Oakley doesn’t think Jordan and Pippen will ever have another conversation. Charles said their relationship wasn’t that good from the start.

“No, I think it’s over. Yeah, I think it’s over. It wasn’t great from the get-go.”

Charles Oakley believes the popular “Last Dance” documentary left a bitter taste for Scottie Pippen. Scottie felt like he was left out of the story and the entire thing was all about Michael Jordan. Even Dennis Rodman got more coverage in the series.

Scottie Pippen believes Michael Jordan would not have six NBA championship rings if it wasn’t for his contributions. The bitterness appears to have caused a permanent fracture in their relationship. Time can heal any wound, but Scottie might not be interested in even trying.

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Michael Perry

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