Diddy has primarily pursued business activities rather than music initiatives in the latter years of his career. The New York native’s latest studio album, Press Play, was released nearly 15 years ago, and his most recent mixtape was released six years ago in 2015 with MMM (Money Making Mitch).

Last summer, though, Diddy revealed that he was working on an album called Off The Grid Vol. 1, which he planned to release in September 2021. Diddy appeared to be abandoning the project when the release date passed and supporters had not heard from him in months. Now, it appears that Diddy is back in album mode, thanks to MixedByAli.

Diddy linked up with TDE’s engineer for his upcoming album. MixedByAli shared a couple photos of himself in the studio with Diddy on Instagram implying that they were working on Off The Grid Vol. 1.

A historical moment having @diddy pull up to the legendary Can-Am Studios, now @nonamestudios, not to mentioned this classic R&B album that I’m grateful to be a part of #OffTheGrid #MixedByAli #NoName @sd__engineears

It’s unclear why Ali changed the caption, but in any case, he still stated that Diddy is working on the album again. Diddy removed all of his Instagram postings and changed his moniker to “LOVE,” a wholesome philosophy he has been embracing recently, suggesting he prefers to roll out the album himself rather than having others do it for him.

MixedByAli is known for working on some of Kendrick Lamar’s biggest singles, including “HUMBLE,” “Money Trees,” and “DNA,” so he must be doing a fantastic job for Diddy in the studio. We’ll keep you updated on Diddy’s new album.

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