Heather Dubrow left “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in 2016. The star returned to the show again for it’s sixteenth edition. Throughout season 16, the reality star has found instances to give an inside look to her massive estate.

In episode 2 of the show, the 53-year old hosted a glamorous dinner party catered by Nobu at her mansion. Later in the episode she revealed it cost her a whopping $36,000. Fans had something to say about her extravagant spending.

On Jan. 21, 2022, a Reddit user kicked off a thread on Bravo Real Housewives subreddit after they shared ““[t]he Dubrow’s came back just to flex their wealth” The user added, “I can’t stand the Dubrows, full disclosure. But It feels to me that they came back just for clout or to flex their wealth.” The user also claimed Heather is condescending and pretentious.

Quite a few Reddit users echoed the same sentiment. They shared their thoughts in the comment section with one of the users writing, “I think they also came back for the fame and to accumulate even more wealth. They both have enormous egos and are the founders, presidents, and sole members of their fan club,”

While another chimed in “This is the first seaons [sic] I skip. I can’t stomach those 2. Cringe cringe cringe.” Some users shared they specifically had a problem with Heather’s expensive dinner party. A user wrote “30 grand wasted of nobu but many people losing their jobs from the pandemic,” While another mentioned Heather’s behavior to be “tacky.”

Meanwhile, Heather has yet to respond to the allegations. You can check out the original reddit post and some other comments from fans below.

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