Raz Simone was recently involved in some serious legal problems. Simone’s involvement in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which was part of the George Floyd demonstrations in Seattle, drew media coverage. Raz Simone was recently sued by five women on charges of s*x trafficking and issuing a violent threat.

Four of them, according to KUOW, claim the 32-year-old s*x trafficked and abused them. One of the alleged victims, named only as Pearl, alleges Simone s*x-trafficked her in Las Vegas for nearly a year before she broke free in 2017.

Pearl gives a gruesome picture of what she claims to have gone through. When Simone was disobedient, he allegedly locked her in a small place for days and forced her to have s*x. Bill Guyer, a veteran police investigator, investigated Pearl and some of the other women who came forward with similar accusations about Simone, but after more than four years of waiting, the five women filed a civil complaint.

Raz vehemently denied the charges. Corinne Mullen, his attorney, provided additional details.

“It’s been a plan they put together years back. The money’s on the line, and they’re using it like a class-action lawsuit.”

“This lawsuit seeks to sue a variety of people and entities in an effort to create a cohesive case but there isn’t one here, and we have no doubt that the case will be dismissed on the merits.”

According to court filings, Simone targets “young, vulnerable women” who are active in or susceptible to s*x work. According to the plaintiffs he “wins them over with affection, and pitches the relationship as a chance to grow, find success and be a part of his family.”

Once in Simone’s clutches, they claim he “imposed strict rules on what they could eat and how to act,” as well as a money quota, which means they must bring him a specific amount of money to stay on his good side. To obtain their quotations, the women claim he would urge them to strip or perform s*x acts, then steal the money they earned using “coercion, threats, and violence to make them comply.”

“He flew me from Minnesota to Seattle and within three days, he had me doing forced labor using tactics of love bombing, trauma-bonding, [and] abusive language.”

The plaintiffs are suing Simone and his accomplices for $1 million in damages for the suffering they claim Simone and his associates have caused them. Let’s see if Simone can manage this difficult situation. Keep an eye on Thirsty for the latest updates.

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Shivangini Rawat

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