Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks came forward about her transition into Gabbi Tuft last year. Tuft had a largely forgettable run in WWE and was ultimately released due to that. It seems she asked fans an interesting question recently as well.

We previously covered how Gabbi Tuft felt like she escaped from prison when she revealed that she was transitioning into being a woman. She ton a lot of support from fans and especially her wife, Priscilla.

Tuft’s transition has been a great one as she took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of herself while not wearing any top and covering herself with her hair. She asked fans how they liked their eggs.

How do you like your eggs? Over easy, or…

Over hard?

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Transitioning into a woman was certainly a hard task for Gabbi Tuft but she is now more than happy to be true to herself and no longer live a lie and for that, we applaud her.

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