Being one of the most prominent faces in the music industry, Drake is no stranger to having rumors about him spread online. It is no surprise then, that the rapper has had quite a bit of practice when it comes to responding to rumors.

Drake recently took to Instagram to call out people who “[air] out dirty laundry,” saying that they “[move] like a auntie.” The post also featured a picture of the rapper playfully pointing finger guns at the camera.

Let’s be honest who the f**k airs out dirty laundry? I can’t big bro nobody that moves like a auntie

A lot of users also noted that the caption had a bit of a smooth flow, with one user stating that “[Drake’s] captions sound better than dude’s bars.” This has gotten fans wondering whether the caption could be from an upcoming track.


As for those who “air out dirty laundry,” the caption seems to be referring to the recent rumor about Drake, a model, and hot sauce that has been making rounds online.

Drake, of course, has denied these rumors, and seems a bit frustrated that he has to deal with rumors so frequently. Say what you will, at the very least most of us got a good laugh out of it. Check out the post below.

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