Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson needs no introduction when it comes to the pro wrestling world as he is still regarded as one of the all-time greats. He is also a dominant force in Hollywood and brings huge star power to any film he acts in. The Rock has millions of admirers hanging on his every word.

The Rock is a businessman as well, and a pretty successful one at that. He also enjoys staying in the greatest physical form he can. A relationship between a father and a daughter is unlike any other on the planet. Even the toughest men in the world can be reduced to puddles when it comes to caring for their small child. Even the most well-known persons are susceptible to this unique bond.

The Rock recently shared a post on his Instagram after his LIVE interview on last night’s Manning Cast on NFL’s Monday Night Football. Johnson sheds light on the speculation in the world of science if he’s the “mystery buyer” of the original T-REX skull, known as STAN.

After my LIVE interview on last night’s #ManningCast on @NFL’s Monday Night Football, there’s been tons of worldwide speculation in the world of science ~ that I am the “mystery buyer” of the original T-REX skull, known as STAN.

I am not the mystery buyer.

In my home office, this is my REPLICA CAST of STAN that I had made and purchased from my friends at The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research and Paleontological Excavations ⛰🦖
*swipe left and you’ll meet my team 👏🏾👏🏾

The Rock finally confirms that he is, in fact, not the mystery buyer. It was just a replica cast of STAN that he had collected. In 2022, the Brahma Bull believes that our comebacks will be stronger and our bounce backs will be better. He is very optimistic that this will happen.

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