Elon Musk recently went on one of his signature social media rants. The Tesla founder warned about the imminent danger of population collapse. Musk said that UN projections on the matter are nonsense. If there aren’t enough people for Earth, there won’t be enough for Mars.

Musk has made it his life’s work to steward humanity away from Earth. His SpaceX operation has partnered with NASA and has held several successful launches. Musk believes that our future could lie on The Red Planet.

The Iron Sheik is everybody’s favorite iconic 1980’s pro wrestler turned online troll. Today, he responded to Elon’s desperate tweets about overpopulation with a suggestion of his own. Elon Musk should let him take care of Mars in his own unique way.


Elon’s followers erupted with praise for The Iron Sheik. It seems Musk’s fans are all for sending the iconic grappler to Mars to kick some butt. Some noted that gravity might make a move like a swanton bomb more appropriate than a suplex.

The Iron Sheik wants to become an interplanetary suplex force. If he can withstand the power of Hulkamania, there’s no reason to believe he isn’t ready for Mars. Here’s to hoping that Elon Musk makes it happen. The human species may depend on it.

What do you think of Iron Sheik’s plan to save humanity? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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