Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to stirring the pot, even without trying. It seems that the reality star has done it yet again, and this time there’s an entire Reddit thread devoted to her antics. Abraham is one to speak her mind and she will jump on Yelp to let people know. This profile was spotted by a fan and a field day was had.

It all started when one Reddit user noted that some of the reviews Abraham has left on Yelp, are “interesting,” to put it mildly. The thread is full of excerpts from Abraham’s Yelp profile, along with Reddit’s thoughts on them.

The teacher telling her she needs to attend a lower level writing course to learn how to use grammar at a college level. Her commentary on the photo proves she need this course as well.

The above quote is with regards to Abraham’s review of a Harvard course, in which she called the instructor “mentally unstable” for suggesting that Abraham enroll in an additional course to gain college-level reading and writing skills.

On 1/16/22, Abraham wrote about Grandmaster Recorders saying, “Batterment , racism, allowed by management. A woman and public figure who literally did nothing but pay them. I was let go by police after finding management and security was to blame an injustice to law. I can’t believe my friends head hurt from being hit and and security put me in the dirt! WARNING BATTERMENT! Assault ! HARASSMENT! Do not go to this establishment if your a woman ! Hate crimes are happening actively to paying customers.”

On 12/22/21, Farrah wrote about Ayanna Walden, MD, “WARNING ! Dr.Walden, the woman hater, know-it-all is now being removed from an amazing network of OBGYN’s. I was sent to her as my other OBGYN is off for holiday – I arrive and she wanted me to see her in her messy, unorganized office not in a normal patient room oddly to tell me I didn’t have birth control to remove! She said the wrong birth control and proceeds to waste my time as she wanted to pick up her Vagina replica so she could act like I don’t know what a vagina is. Maybe she even had the wrong patient up as I have a a different birth control which is in my arm. Then as I corrected her she needed to again act like she knows it all , but the point of the matter she had no one else in her office, she wanted to refuse service  , she actually can’t stand being reality checked that she shouldn’t mistreat woman, she should be quite and listen to the customer and provide a simple fast service. The worst experience I’ve ever witnessed an OBGYN especially on a holiday . I hope this woman seeks mental help and Almond network is aware that she should be removed . The dump of a office, the elevator not working, the scam parking attendant and walking up 3 flights was literally the worse experience. My allergy to birth control should never be handled this way I wouldn’t trust this woman with my life ! Be aware of this woman hating, know-it-all, discriminatory , denialed Pathetic practicing scam of a OBGYN. Hostile and hateful. WATCH OUT!”

On 9/1/21, Farrah took a shot at Delta Airlines to say, “After a horrible experience of a Delta manager not being able to understand the difference of visa, border entry paper work and lack of international travel this manager wanted to argue, was not capable of luggage math and with Delta status members and luggage wanted to charge rather then knowing how to handle the status members. Further discriminated on knowing myself from tv rather then focus on the luggage is not to be charged. I used my delta card and it’s free regardless. This is the worst I’ve ever seen Delta in Omaha.. if managers are this uneducated on international travel and not knowing what documents, reports and discriminating towards their known travelers THIS IS ALARMING!!! Please get Delta in Omaha NE help immediately.”

Yet another Reddit user pointed out Abraham’s hypocrisy in accusing a bar of “racism,” while simultaneously calling a pharmacist “Asian” in her CVS review.

It certainly seems like Abraham has a lot of opinions about the places she visits, and she makes sure that those opinions are heard. Check out the Reddit thread below.

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