Kylie Jenner has been dealing with a scary stalker situation. Multiple men have been creeping around Kylie’s crib recently. A man who has showed up at her house several times was arrested in December after violating a temporary restraining order. A judge has now issued a permanent order for the other man, according to TMZ.

The obsessed fan must stay away of Kylie for five years, according to the latest protective order. It is unclrea if this was the same man who was attempting to propose to Jenner when he was arrested. The would-be proposal was said to have included a bouquet of flowers. It ended in his arrest for violating a separate restraining order.

Jenner has been known to have a massive bodyguard around for her safety. The Kardashian family has long been the victim of stalkers. Kylie has been attracting the most attention lately.

Kylie Jenner has made herself a public figure. That does not give people the right to cross personal boundaries. Men left and right seem to be learning that lesson as stalker after stalker is arrested.


Shawn Holley, an attorney for Kylie Jenner, filed the legal documents requesting the extension. The restraining order prohibits Kylie from being contacted by the fan in any way. The stalker will be arrested if he does.

Kylie Jenner has taken precautions to keep herself safe. Jenner knows all too well what kind of danger is out there for major celebrities. Hopefully this creep keeps his distance from now on.

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