The Secrets of Playboy are finally being revealed. According to TMZ, A&E’s new docuseries, which will premiere next Monday, January 24th, will provide viewers a better understanding of what happened behind the scenes of Hugh Hefner’s famed mansion.

When it was in its heyday, the Playboy house was supposed to be the place to be on Thursday nights. According to his former girlfriend, Sondra Theodore, and other house staff, the late magazine publisher would throw a massive party, complete with “two pimps bringing in carloads of prostitutes from Sunset Boulevard.”

Although the prostitutes were not authorized to know, Hefner reportedly dubbed this weekly encounter “pig night.” Theodore admitted that she would look the other way while her man did all kinds of strange stuff, but one ceremony in particular piqued her interest.

The event was described as a dinner party that also “acted as a jumping-off point for sex parties” in the next series. As the women from Sunset Blvd drank and ate with some of the biggest movie and TV stars, Hef would sit at the head of the table, pipe in hand.

TMZ claims that they say the girls would get ratings and quick medical checks before slipping out of the room for sex rendezvous with the celebs.

In other Playboy news, Hefner’s widow, 35-year-old Crystal Hefner, made headlines after publishing a sensitive Instagram post, saying that she lost thousands of followers after embracing a “empowering” life of modesty. The trailer for A&E’s Secrets of Playboy can be seen below.

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