AJ Francis (Top Dolla) tore it up on the gridiron way before he ever landed in WWE. Of course many saw him on the WWE/A&E special WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, where he hunted down WWE’s long lost memorabilia with some of the legends of the ring themselves, but he now says he’d dominate in the XFL had his football career not been over.

It was during his football career that he played for the Miami Dolphins, The New England Patriots, The New York Giants and others. His career in the NFL lasted from 2013 up until 2018. He signed with WWE in 2020, but as you surely know, dear readers, he was released this year, specifically this fall.

It was while speaking to MuscleManMalcolm that Francis went into the necessary toughness he had to have and displayed in the NFL and if he could make it in the XFL now that the Rock is the owner. Would he play for the XFL if he had the chance?

“I mean, let me say this, do I think that I could play in the XFL and dominate the XFL? Absolutely. Go watch the tape. My last game in the NFL, I had six tackles as a nose guard. I would like to know the list of nose guards that have had six tackles in a game since I got out of the NFL.

I guarantee you it’s not long. Let me just talk the actual facts of the situation. But, I’m also 31 years old and football is a young man’s game. So, could I do it? Yeah. Do I want to go back and have my body feel like when I was playing in the NFL? Not really, no. Now that I’ve not felt like that for three years, like yeah, I feel pretty good now.

I don’t want to go back to waking up and having to soak my legs and back every morning just to get loose. I’m off that now. People ask, ‘Well, you were in wrestling. Doesn’t it hurt doing that?’ You got to realize, this is going to shock a lot of people, but wrestling ain’t real.”

Clearly the answer is no, he wouldn’t gear up for another run in football, as he states, but he claims that he’d be able to not only hold his own, but dominate on that platform, which is an interesting thing to say. As far as pro wrestling is concerned, it is still unclear as to what his next step is, but we’ll keep you posted, dear readers.

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