Khloe Kardashian’s affairs of the heart have been all over the news. Weeks after it was uncovered that Tristan Thompson fathered another child, Khloe decided to post pictures of her revenge body. However, things didn’t go her way as fans are now calling her out for photoshopping her pictures.

Khloe took to her Instagram on January 13 to share the sizzling snaps of herself. In the pictures, Khloe showed off her revenge body to the fullest in a skintight, white mini dress. With her trademark brunette locks now blonde, the reality star wore a bit of makeup to highlight her natural beauty.

Although many fans were bowled over by her chic short hair-do and mini-dress with trendy knee-high brown boots, others were quick to point out that the new images appeared to have been tampered with. Several took to the comments to accuse the reality TV star of altering the captures with photoshop to make her legs and fingers look longer and thinner.

One user wrote, “Why your fingers soo long sis.” “Omg right? I think they stretched the picture to make her thigh look longer. Never seen a hand so big, The last pic it’s back to normal,” responded another user. A third user chimed in by saying, “Her legs look disproportionate to her body” and “Khloe gurl we can see the curved lines.”


However, not all of Khloe’s followers were concerned with her editing the photo. Some of them took to the comment section to praise her appearance. “So Gorge Khloé,” wrote one admirer. Others followed with, “Ok goddess!!!!”, “Perfect” and “So pretty.”

Although Khloe is no doubt still dealing with heartbreak, she has her friends and family to support her. As of now, Khloe is keeping her head up and looking gorgeous while doing it and we are here for it.

Anushmitta Dutta

Anushmitta is a Computer Science student who has a passion for becoming a famous creator. She loves to explore new domains and believes that her unstoppable passion is all the strength she needs. She doesn't believe in limitations hence she started working for Thirsty. Anushmitta is obsessed with anime and loves to express her emotions through dance. She is unstoppable when she starts jamming to "Hey there Delilah".

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