Fivio Foreign has already claimed the hottest track of 2022. The rapper has been getting love from a lot of high places lately. Fivio is also never afraid to be outspoken about whatever’s on his mind.

The same goes for Meek Mill. Meek is confident enough to talk about anything. Meek in’t afraid to admit when he isn’t the best at something. The two rappers recently shared some bedroom secrets. Fivio and Meek are all about the anal side of pleasuring a woman orally. Foreign talked to SupaDupaHumble about the process.

“The freakiest shit I ever did? I did a threesome with a pregnant bitch and it was real freaky. It was crazy. I didn’t eat her ass, but I eat ass.

Gotta eat the p*ssy first. Warm it up, it get me warmed up and I get a little excited and then I might go crazy on her ass.”

Meek also talked to SupaDupa Humble recently. Mill said he needed to polish up on one of his bedroom skills. It turns out he has a lot in common with Fivio Foreign, though.

“No, [I’m not a professional ass-eater], not yet, I need more work. I ain’t done it a lot of times. I got taught how to eat ass from a Philly girl.”

It sounds like Meek Mill could take some advice from Fivio Foreign. Oversharing has been a common theme in celebrity circles as of late. Meek and Fivio may have found a cosmic connection they never knew existed.

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