Travis Scott must be getting used to dealing with attorneys. The rapper was sued by countless people for his alleged role in the deadly Astroworld tragedy. Travis’ lawsuit collection is now going international.

The legal action is not related to the Astroworld events. French rapper Black Childish brought the lawsuit after he noticed that the artwork for the “Travis La Flame” compilation record was a direct ripoff of his own creation. Black Childish originally allegedly created the work in 2015, according to TMZ.

The art, which depicts a centaur holding up a cowboy hat in a triumphant pose, was sent via DM to Travis on Instagram in 2016. ‘La Flame’ dropped around that same time. The resemblance is unmistakable.

Childish tried to get in touch with Travis Scott and his management team. They finally regurned his call in the summer of 2019. Travis’ legal eagles said that Scott was unaware of the art belonging to any creator in particular.


The French artist is suing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Black Childish also wants ownership of his centaur art. Time will tell if the court sees it his way.

It might be prudent for Travis Scott to settle this whole issue out of court. Scott has been drowining in legal problems since Astroworld. Travis’ legal team might be best suited to punt on this one.

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