Drake and his DVD set of The Chappelle Show finally made their reunion. We’ve all had a buddy who borrowed a DVD, book, or even a piece of clothing and has yet to return it. Most people forget about it after a while, which appears to be the case with Drake and his The Chappelle Show DVD collection.

D10, the rapper’s pal, eventually returned the copy after 15 years, Drake said on Instagram yesterday. Drake highlighted the incident on his Instagram story, beside a photo of the DVD.

I let D10 borrow this in like ‘07. Man sent me a text said I can have it back now.

D10 is Drake’s musical director, according to Complex, and has been for the duration of the rapper’s career. D10 is in charge of ensuring Drake’s live performances go off without a hitch. Drake, we can only assume, forgot about it over time or, at the absolute least, bought a new copy of the DVD.


While Drake was definitely a fan of Chappelle’s show before he was ever cast, his career came full circle in December. In December, Chappelle assisted in the hosting of a dinner at Drake’s Toronto estate when the Canadian rapper and Kanye West formally ended their feud. Drake received the greatest appreciation from Chappelle for a long list of achievements and milestones he achieved over his career to be able to purchase such a lavish property.

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