Kailyn Lowry has been always been in hot water for having anti-vax views. At times likes these when people’s lives are at stake, she has doubled down on the anti-vax sentiment. It seems that fans have a lot to say about it.

Lowry had been hoping to take some of her family to a sports event in DC. The event, however, only allows vaccinated persons inside. Lowry, as an unvaccinated person, was not allowed to enter the venue.

The whole story came about as she attempted to give away a pair of tickets on her Instagram page. Taking to her stories, she uploaded a selfie showing her wearing a face covering. The caption to that story is what got the fans raging.

“I have three tickets for Wizards game in DC on Jan 19 – section 202 L Just got an email saying you have to be vaccinated to attend. Please let me know if you’re interested!”

The reason for fans’ disdain seems to arise from the fact that she has recently got cosmetic surgeries. Fans were upset at her getting her face done instead of getting vaccinated. Many took to Reddit and voiced their disappointment.

One wrote on Reddit thread TeenMomOGandTeenMom2: “Kail will put nut on her lip, eat fast food, take over the counter medicine, get cosmetic surgery but doesn’t trust the FDA when it comes to vaccines.” One sarcastically put: “Fake ass and fillers…perfectly safe.”

It might be her choice to not get vaccinated but that only people around her at risk. Many would not share the same ideologies as her and might avoid any contact if anything serious were to happen. In these tough times, doing the bare minimum as a responsibility should be the priority.

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