Jay-Z recently stated that nobody could beat him in a Verzuz battle. Many have commented on who can actually beat Jay-Z in a Verzuz Batlle. One rapper to always cross people’s mind in this situation is Eminem.

Seven the General , an award winning Detroit MC, actor and songwriter has now chimed into the discussion about a possible match to Hov. Seven the General sees Eminem as the only opponent worthy for Jay-Z in a Verzuz battle. Interestingly, the internet also agrees in Seven the General.

After Jay-Z made the statement that no one could beat him, many fans offered their hypothetical pairings. Eminem had his name trending on Twitter as he was at once the most popular option. Future, Lil Wayne, and Drake have all been mentioned as possible opponents by fans

Many hip-hop personalities think they can do the deed themselves, like Gucci Mane. But the Detroit veteran offered his own well-informed argument to his Instagram followers: This is an unpopular opinion ’cause you know Jay-Z is the greatest rapper ever, to me, personally. But there is one person that can stand on the stage and battle Hov, and it ain’t who y’all think. It’s Eminem! It’s Em the f***ing Nem, bro!! Seven the General mentioned in his Instagram video story.

We will have to see if Verzuz can pull off a miracle and book this battle. It might take a lot of planning and cash, but the Vezuz show has seen tremendous growth since its premiere. It’s very likely that Eminem vs Jay-Z would be their biggest episode ever.

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