Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown have been at each other’s neck for weeks. The two former Washington Wizards teammates have been taking shots each other on social media. It doesn’t seem like there will be a resolution to their beef.

Brown has accused of preventing Arenas from getting paid. He also claimed Arenas tried to limit his minutes and had sex with his former girlfriend. Arenas replied by putting out series of Instagram videos calling out Brown.

In his latest tirade against Brown, he put out some interesting points about his time with Brown in Washington. Arenas claimed the former first overall pick is jealous that he turned out to be a bust, meanwhile Arenas got the glory.

Last night, the pair finally tried to talk it out, however the exchange soon turned into a heated conversation with both sides shouting their lungs out. In the 82-mintute long video, Arenas and Brown engaged in what turned out to be screaming match. The two were clearly angry and frustrated with each other with neither side willing listen.


Throughout the run time, Brown accused Arenas stealing people’s girlfriends and also accused him of sabotaging his career. Arenas was not having it and by the end, he wouldn’t let Brown say anything. Despite this lengthy conversation, the two were not able to squash their beef.

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Shubham Banerjee

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