Bizzy Banks might have to live behind bars after the alleged felony he committed. The rap game isn’t unfamiliar to drugs and weapon charges filed against artists. It has been shown time and time again how artists get themselves in trouble for possessing illegal items.

Born Majesty Blessed Moses, the 23-year-old Brooklyn native was processed on drug, weapons and money laundering charges and sent to the Bergen County Jail. According to Daily Voice, the rapper awaits his first appearance in Central Judicial Processing Court in Hackensack. Police found more than two pounds of marijuana, a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets and $2,750 at his home.

This investigation was led by Detectives Mark Carrillo, Sergio Raneli as well as Detective Sgt. John Dalton from the Hackensack Police Department. The Bergen County Regional SWAT team and New York Police Department also helped them in finding the substances.

The UK has a big drill rap scene than the US. Drill is actually the slang term for shooting someone. Banks has been influential in the growing subgenre of trap-influenced hip hop known as drill music in the US. The Brooklyn native is currently signed to Atlantic Records.

Pitchfork called him the latest local “up-and-comer” in the genre. Kanye West and Drake has also helped bringing this genre to the surface. He appeared on Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album Faith, which featured a remix of Bizzy Banks’ track 30.

Any incidents like this put a dent in the face value of a music community on top of the other allegations and trails faced by it. There are young people looking up to these rappers and they set the wrong example with these events. They should be careful and carry themselves like responsible human beings. Then again, this kind of thing happens all too often in the drill rap scene as artists live their gimmick.

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