While Marvel is having a great time in film land, there are grave worries among the DC fanbase. The DC fans have now started to question the future of the franchise as rumors of their fav’s being nixed is spreading like wildfire.

According to TMZ, this all started when a handful of movie insiders claimed to have seen a cut of the new Flash film starring Ezra Miller. The DC movie just wrapped filming back in October. These folks further insisted that Warner is going in a whole new direction with the DCEU.

One journalist, Grace Randolph, spilled the supposed tea. The reporter composed a long Twitter post saying that the is film going to be the last Batfleck film (which means no more Ben Affleck as Batman). Grace further added that the film is going to highlight Henry Cavill’s Superman sparingly, also for the last time.

Grace continued by claiming that an entirely new Justice League is formed by the end and that the new Batman, as it were, is going to be Batgirl and Supergirl is the new Superman. The reporter also said that Michael Keaton will come back as his OG Batman because of reported universe jumping. Randolph ended her post by saying, “This is new DC, let’s be open-minded & give it a fair shot.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “The movie (The Flash) will erase every movie Snyder has done. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League never happened now. Erased from continuity. Affleck and Cavill are both gone.” This led Ezra himself to speak on these rumors. Ezra took to his Instagram DMs to clarify that Zack Snyder’s work isn’t undone. However, that didn’t address the theory of WB pivoting away from Cavill, Affleck, and the rest of the OG DC heroes that have already been established in Snyder’s world.

Fans immediately took to twitter to voice their opinion on the situation. The tweets pointed out their disappointment as they kept criticizing WB for their alleged decision. As of now, what DCEU will bring to the table is uncertain. Let’s hope it’s not what the rumors are claiming.

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